Biocompatibility Testing - Orlando FL

Dr. Ward prefers and highly recommends that patients have biocompatibility materials testing done before starting treatment. The company that Dr. Ward uses, Clifford Consulting & Research. The Clifford Test or Clifford Material Reactivity Testing (CMRT) is a comprehensive clinical blood test that screens for individual systemic sensitivity to bio-materials through antibody detection. The blood test will give Dr. Ward a listing of all the dental materials that are “safe” for use in your mouth.

We have the test kits at our office. You will have to take it back to your healthcare provider to have the blood drawn. The kit will be overnighted to Clifford Consulting & Research. Within two weeks our office will receive two copies of your test results, one for our office and one for you.

For further details, please visit the website for Clifford Consulting & Research at: www.ccrlab.com