Bio Compatible Dentistry - Orlando FL

Dr. Ward has a truly unique practice that combines extensive experience in many fields of dentistry with biocompatible materials.  This type of practice enables him to help patients focus on their total health needs, with him paying special attention to the individual needs of each patient.  Dr. Ward has a number of health care practitioners that he works closely with to help his patients obtain not only a healthy, beautiful mouth, but also a healthy body.  He firmly believes that the mouth and body work closely together.  Dr. Ward believes that by combining treatment of the two areas, one can achieve relief from many health related ailments.  Dr. Ward encourages each patient to invest in their health by completing biocompatible materials testing.  This will enable Dr. Ward to customize your dentistry to your individual needs by using materials that are best suited for your body.

We invite you to use this section of our site to help answer any questions you may have about Dr. Ward’s views on Bio Compatible Dentistry.  We have also provided outlets for you to do your own research so that you may form your own opinion.  There is a lot of information concerning Bio Compatible Dentistry available, so it may become overwhelming, but please try to find out as much as you can so you may have your own beliefs, which we can customize your treatment plan around.